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About Us

In 2019 locals created an event called Athena (inspired from Nashville's moniker "Athens of the South") and shocked the Nashville LGBTQIA+ nightlife scene by bringing something new and different. This event proved that Nashville was ready for a premium experience and was ready to welcome premium DJs. The goal of this event is to establish an annual event weekend that will happen once a year in addition to an annual Pride event. Drawing on Nashville's reputation as a destination city we will market this as a national event for the LGBTQIA community and market Nashville as a gay friendly place to live.

Our Impact

We believe Nashville is ready for the next generation of music and entertainment nightlife. We are changing the music culture in Nashville and creating an experience that will allow large name DJs to visit our city as well as cultivate and grow our own local DJ talent. As a side effect, we anticipate growing the LGBT tourism side of Nashville. LGBT patrons have the highest disposable incomes of any demographic. Currently Nashville does not have the reputation of being a gay friendly city. By hosting an event that is on a similar scale of large parties in major US cities we will open the door to show that Nashville is not only a friendly city to visit, but to work and live as well. As a good community partner, we will work to donate a portion of our proceeds to local queer charities.

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